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How to Use Samsung Galaxy S4 as a TV Remote?

Do you know, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has an infrared port,so you can use it as a TV remote.
Exciting, Galaxy S4 built-in an application called “WatchOn”, the Galaxy S4 can browse channels and see what’s on, search Netflix for streaming titles or query Samsung’s Media Hub to find movies and TV shows you can buy.
But before you can use the WatchOn app, you have to set it up.

Follow the below instructions for setting your Galaxy S4:

1.Open the WatchON app and choose your country.

2.Next,enter your zip code and choose your content provider.


3.If you want to personalize your TV selection, click “Personalize”. If not, click “Skip”.


4.When you choose personalize, select the genres of TV shows and movies you watch and click “Next”.


5.Drag and drop the Sports which you are like, then press “Next”.

6.The last,select your age and gender to get more personalized top picks, if you want, and click the Done button at the top of the screen.

How to Minimize Your galaxy s4 Data Usage?

Before minimize your galaxy s4 data usage, you need to check your data usage. If you don’t know what your typical usage looks like you have no idea how mildly or severely you need to modify your data consumption patterns.

First,use a lightweight browser.
Chrome: The newest optimized browser is actually a Google offering. The most recent offering of Chrome Beta features a new experimental proxy service run by Google that promises to radically increase mobile browsing speeds while decreasing data loads. In order to turn on access to this new proxy system, you will need to enter the address chrome://flags in the address bar of Chrome Beta and enable the entry for Experimental Data Compression Proxy. The release and the feature are brand new so we haven’t had long to play with them, but so far the project looks promising. Expect the proxy feature and optimization to appear in the regular release of Chrome in the near future.
Opera Mini: Google may have finally got around to jumping on the optimized-mobile-browser band wagon but Opera has been working on it for years. Opera Mini is a lightning fast mobile browser powered by Opera’s optimization proxies. The fast user interface, fast browsing experience, and page optimization have made Opera Mini one of the most downloaded Android browsers around.
TextOnly: If you’re a hardcore reductionist, TextOnly is where it’s at. TextOnly offers you three approaches to the website browsing. You can browse the site’s RSS feed in browser, you can browse the page stripped down to just the text for a Gopher-like web browsing experience, or you can browse the page in its mobile-optimized format. TextOnly isn’t exactly the most popular browser in the Play Store but don’t let that throw you off — it delivers on its promise of ultra-minimal data use.

second,cache your galaxy s4 Data.
Stop using task killers: The first thing you want to do is to stop using task killer apps. Not only are they of dubious usefulness (and we strongly recommend against using them), but most task killers will also dump the cache files of applications they are busily killing off—which means when you go to use the app again you’ll need to download the data all over.
Use streaming apps with offline modes: Many streaming service apps are adding offline modes—modes that allow users to pre-cache data while on Wi-Fi to use when on their cellular data connections. Rdio, Rhapsody, Slacker Radio, and Spotify are examples of streaming music services that have offline modes to help users avoid hitting their data caps.
Download data in advance: We know this is so 2003 to actually stock up your device ahead of time instead of downloading data on demand, but there’s something to be said for downloading your music, podcasts, ebooks and other media to your device from the comfort of your home (and Wi-Fi connection).
Cache Google Maps data: If you’re using Google Maps heavily for daily navigation or trip planning you’re sucking down a lot of data. Rather than use the live updating version, you can pre-cache your route (and save a ton of mobile data usage in the process). Next time you’re planning on doing some heavy Maps use, open up Maps when you’re on Wi-Fi, tap the menu button, and visit Settings –> Labs and check off Pre-cache map area.

Three,remove ads to decrease data consumption
Purchase your favorite apps: Many times there is a $0.99 version of the free app you’re using that has the ads removed. Developers need to eat so you can pay them with ad revenue or cold hard cash. You can use the previously highlighted data monitoring tools to see which of your free-but-ad-supported apps are pulling down abnormal amounts of data and consider buying the premium copies.
Install an ad blocker: While we strongly encourage you to support the developers that make the great apps you use every day, buying an ad-free premium version isn’t always an option. In such cases tools like Adblock Plus and AdAway—AdBlock Plus works on non-rooted phones but only for Wi-Fi based blocking; both apps need root access for 3G-based ad blocking.